Industrial Maintenance Company

Our mastery of the trades of boilermaking, piping and mechanics gives us the essential skills necessary for maintenance work on our customers' sites in Avignon and throughout France.

Moscatelli benefits from being a highly responsive company on a human scale, coupled with a culture of high standards and proximity to our customers.

We are able to deploy on site qualified technicians in electrical engineering, electromechanical, mechanical, hydraulic and automation.  Our technicians can carry out all your industrial maintenance projects, from repairs to upgrading to the latest standards or designing new installations.

We have a team of people trained in rope access work and asbestos sub-section 4. This allows us to work even under challenging conditions.

These teams are also certified COFREND Level II and can take part in expert assessment work.

Several of our clients entrust us with maintenance work in their factories. 

The management teams in place also facilitate the handling of annual or multi-year maintenance contracts. For example, Moscatelli has been working for almost a decade on EDF dams, under ten-year maintenance contracts.

Our engineering department near Avignon can also provide you with innovative and pragmatic solutions to improve your installations.

Entrust us with your industrial maintenance operations in Avignon or anywhere else in France.