PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts



The agri-food industry groups together all the activities enabling the transformation of food production, from livestock breeding, fishing and agriculture, into industrial foodstuffs intended for consumption.

To date, there are 8 major families of food industries:

  • Meat industry 
  • Dairy industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Manufacture of processed food products
  • Manufacture of cereal-based products
  • Manufacture of oils, fats and margarines
  • Manufacture of miscellaneous food products
  • Manufacture of beverages and alcohols

In France, the food-processing industry is the leading industrial sector both in terms of turnover and the number of jobs it generates. In fact, in 2017 alone, the French food-processing industry generated a turnover of around 180 billion euros with nearly 430,000 jobs across the country. In the same year, 4491 jobs were also created by companies in the sector. This large number of jobs is mainly explained by the presence of more than 10,000 companies in the food industry on French territory.

Nevertheless, the agri-food industry is experiencing some difficulties, particularly linked to the decline in margins and value, as well as regulatory and taxation related issues. This leads to a certain loss of competitiveness of French companies compared to other European and global players.

However, despite the challenging context the agri-food industry is not discouraged and continues to export, innovate, invest and above all create jobs.


The French, but also European and global agri-food industries will face new challenges in the coming years. Indeed, the number one objective will be to feed 9 billion people by 2050. 
In addition to this, there is also the need to preserve the planet's resources, notably by accompanying the ecological transition. In this context, it will be important for France to maintain its competitiveness but also to support its strong food culture and expertise.


The Moscatelli company has been assisting companies in the agri-food industry in the design of equipment, tools and materials for nearly 50 years.

With expertise and cutting-edge know-how in the metallurgy trades, we are able to study, model and design all types of small, medium or large scale projects.

At Moscatelli, we also carry out the maintenance and repair of your equipment in order to guarantee its correct operation and safety. We can requalify pressure vessels, check the quality of welds or calculate the heat exchange.

To find out more about our services and our achievements in the agro-food industry, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (04 90 39 67 42) and consult the various sections of our website.