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Industrial Boilermaking Company

With 50 years of experience in boilermaking, MOSCATELLI's teams can help you with your most specialised and demanding projects. 

Our main workshop is dedicated to stainless steel boiler making and is composed of four overhead cranes, two folding machines and two rollers as well as a plasma welding bench. 

With this production tool, we implement projects related to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food processing industries but also to the nuclear industry.

since 1971 Moscatelli has been manufacturing industrial boilermaking equipment

The boilermakers and engineers conduct studies and can work on a wide range of industrial projects: tubular exchangers, tub'in tube exchangers, atomisers, cyclones, reactors and other distillation columns. 

Our industrial boilermaking company based near Avignon can also produce your pressurised boilermaking equipment. 

We have the capacity and skills to undertake all aspects of the studies, DESP follow-up, manufacturing and on-site assembly.

Our assembly teams work throughout France to support our customers as closely as possible and to meet their needs.


Our boilermaking company works with a range of clients, from factories to engineering companies.

Due to its broad field of application, boilermaking is often part of the design of many different metal structures. Our stainless steel, aluminium and steel boilermaking company works on all types of metals and supports its clients in a wide variety of sectors:


Reactors, skids, distillation columns, evaporators and ice-makers are all complex parts that are used for production in the cosmetics industry. Moscatelli manufactures these devices in stainless steel. Our teams of craftsmen also carry out the assembly on site as well as the connection in process piping.

Agri-food industry 

There is a demand from companies in the agri-food industry for boilermaking parts for the processing and storage of foodstuffs. Moscatelli manufactures  silos, storage tanks, ovens, mixers, autoclaves, conveyor belts, process piping.


Hydropower plants and nuclear power stations are low-carbon energy producers using a wide variety of boilermaking and mechanically welded equipment. Moscatelli works with the major companies in the energy sector (EDF, CNR).

Other industries 

Our boilermaking company is very often called upon by other industries, for example designing fluid storage tanks, transport piping, mills, crushers, agitators, etc. for the chemical industry. Our customers also include transportation companies, for whom we manufacture chassis and vehicle parts.

Boilermaking: mastering the working of stainless steel and other metals

As a boilermaking company, we have expertise in working with all types of metals (stainless steel, aluminium, inconel, etc.) to design industrial equipment. Our techniques are based on a methodology which has been developed over more than 50 years experience in the following areas:

Assessments and methods

Our engineers, accompanied by highly skilled technicians, carry out studies that meet the performance requirements of our customers. This teamwork enables us to define technical and devices which are highly reliable.

Project management

Depending on the scale of the project, our team can work on site to assemble the metal parts of large-scale structures.

Our teams of engineers and technicians work closely with you on your projects, from assessment and design through to installation at your production sites, including for large structures.


Our teams are capable of producing the most complex boilermaking equipment. Moscatelli's productions teams are able to make small and medium-sized series parts.

Industrial maintenance on-site

Moscatelli not only manufactures and installs the finished product, but also offers industrial maintenance to maintain and repair the equipment.

Whether for the production of tubes, or the expertise required in the manufacture of a wide variety of products across different sectors, or for industrial maintenance work, our boilermaking company is there to help you with your project.

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