Duct manufacturer and leading operator in ventilation projects

MOSCATELLI, manufacturer located near Avignon, is a major player in large-scale nuclear ventilation projects, both in France and abroad. 

We study, manufacture and carry out projects for ventilation ducts and systems for a wide range of customers across a variety of different sectors. For example, MOSCATELLI has participated in the construction of the 'Megajoule Laser' in Bordeaux, the ventilation of the Chernobyl sarcophagus, as well as numerous upgrading projects for nuclear power plants, such as the DUS.

Since 2017, our teams have been working on the ITER project in Cadarache. This is an extraordinary project which requires a specific support from MOSCATELLI. Our teams are assisting EXYTE and AXIMA on the ventilation projects for several highly technical buildings.

Our ability to carry out the 3D modelling of ducts and to integrate this modelling into our customers' designs enables us to assist our clients right from the initial planning stage and to guarantee an exemplary performance in terms of both quality and deadlines.

These models are produced in-house using software developed by MOSCATELLI company.
 In addition to working on non-standard building sites, we are also involved in numerous building projects such as swimming pools, high schools and cinemas in Avignon and throughout France.