Industrial mechanics
Industrial mechanics

Industrial mechanics company

Our company's know-how and experience enables us to carry out design, production and repair work on mechanical parts and assemblies

We are committed to providing quality services in the field of industrial mechanics in order to meet our clients' expectations and complete highly technical projects.

We have several decades of experience conducting mechanical work on our clients' equipment.

Our machining capacities, vertical lathes Ø 1500, horizontal lathes and milling machines enable us to produce a large range of different components and parts.


At the end of 2019, our mechanical workshops based near Avignon were newly equipped with a three-axis numerically controlled lathe, a four-axis machining centre and a three-axis machining centre. 

Our teams can therefore produce your parts in series to very high quality standards.

CRAFTSMANSHIP and precision in industrial MECHANICS

We work on specialised mechanic parts for our customers all over France.

Our experience, built up over more than 50 years, enables us to support them in highly complex requirements.  Our projects often involve the production and modification of parts with very specific characteristics (in terms of materials, dimensions, technicality, etc.).

In both design and on-site maintenance operations our leitmotiv is to optimise the performance of industrial installations. 

We have the equipment and know-how to produce high added value technical components of small, medium and large dimensions...

Based near Avignon and specialising in mechanics, our company has the technical know-how to respond to a variety of different requirements, such as:

  • Design of parts and mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Production worktops
  • Repair machining
  • Assembly
  • Welding mechanics
  • Mechanical maintenance and on-site boring 

Our expertise extends beyond machining in the workshop.  For example, our teams of mechanics are able to dismantle your gearboxes, drive shafts and other grinders. They can operate in complete safety and provide you with their expertise to solve problems related to rotating machines.

During reassembly, the experience of our lineage workers ensures that the highest quality of workmanship is provided.

Our teams also master cutting-edge techniques such as nitrogen shrink-wrapping or on-site machining.



Based in Avignon in the Vaucluse, Moscatelli is an agile and committed company, as reputed for its work in industrial mechanics as it is for its high quality boilermaking.  The repair and production of mechanical parts and assemblies has been achieved through commitment and technical know-how since 1971.

Our area of operation extends beyond Avignon and now covers the major French industrial hubs.