PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts


The main aim of the cosmetics industry is to manufacture and market cosmetic products such as make-up, skin and hair care and toiletries.


Beyond the technical aspects, the French cosmetics industry contributes to the development of industrial pools and global competitiveness clusters. To date, the cosmetics industry is the second most important export sector in France, after aeronautics. 

Moreover, the cosmetics industry is a factor of economic dynamism in France. Indeed, the 300 or so French manufacturing companies alone represent 55,000 direct jobs and nearly 170,000 indirect jobs, distributed between the various companies involved in the world of cosmetics. 

Internationally, France is one of the leaders in the field of cosmetics, thanks in particular to the know-how and reputation generated by the various French brands. 'Made in France' is highly appreciated abroad, especially for luxury cosmetics. 

France is currently the world's leading exporter of cosmetics worldwide. Sales abroad experienced constant annual growth from the early 2000s up until 2018 with around 5% growth per year. French cosmetics remains the reference on the market despite the fact that various new competitors are emerging throughout the world.


The marketing of cosmetics is done in several distinct stages. The first stage consists of design, this stage is characterised by market studies, definition of requirements (specifications) etc. Once the product has been envisioned, the next step is development. It consists of carrying out various tests and checking compliance with regulations, conditions of use and packaging.

Once these first two steps have been carried out, it is then possible to start production of the cosmetic product on a larger scale. The process must be well thought-out process and quality control must be performed to ensure good production procedures. Once the cosmetic has been produced, it is finally possible to offer it on the market. For this, a marketing strategy should be adopted which is adapted to the needs of the target group defined in the specifications.


As far as the various cosmetics produced and marketed in France are concerned, organic and natural cosmetics are growing rapidly and will account for more than 757 million euros in 2018. The growing market for organic and natural cosmetics can be explained in particular by a desire to preserve the environment, by respecting environmental constraints and by a concern to produce products that respect everyone's health. The production of organic and natural cosmetics is thus on a strong upward trend.


The Moscatelli company, founded in 1971, has been dedicated to the manufacture of metallurgical materials, machines and equipment for many years. Thanks to its experience and precise expertise, the company works together with many companies in the cosmetics sector. Moscatelli manufactures a large range of equipment for the cosmetics sector, such as thin-film evaporators of the 'Luwa' type, molecular distillers, under-pressure reactors with or without stirring, condensers, mixers, tanks. The aim is to adapt to the specific requirements of each of our customers.

In addition to designing various equipment, Moscatelli can also provide maintenance and overhaul services. Our qualified technicians will carry out precision work under different conditions in order to provide you with quality services that meet your expectations. 

We are also determined to carry out work that meets the strictest safety standards so that you get a quality end product.

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