Development plan of the Moscatelli Group

The company MOSCATELLI made a double investment in the summer of 2020:

1 - Real estate:

- 6000 m2 of workshops 

- 800 sq.m of new and fully refurbished offices and social premises.

2 - Production facilities:

- Workshops: capable of accommodating rooms of unlimited length and equipped with a modernised 7-tonne lifting bridge.

- Purchases: 1 SOMAB CNC lathe Ø 800 and 3m usable length, 1 SOMAB CNC milling machine, 1 robotic welding cell.

- Replacement of the numerical controls on 2 AMADA folding machines

- Workshop air conditioning

- Creation of a passivation zone

- Creation of a show room dedicated to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries

- Engineering Department:

- acquisition of virtual reality software

In this respect, MOSCATELLI, via its holding company VOLPS FINANCE, is one of the 21 winning projects in the Southern region selected as part of the French Recovery Plan.

The company is committed to the 'Made in France' approach: new acquisitions of machining equipment are manufactured in France whenever possible.