PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts


MOSCATELLI accompanies the growth of your business. In a sector where the quality of the services provided is crucial, we assist you from the pre-project phase to follow-up after completion, the studies can be carried out on our premises.

Industrial engineering makes production and testing more reliable and efficient, as well as improving the associated processes, taking into account the requirements of quality, budget, deadlines, resistance and safety, from design to finalisation of the product. 

Industrial engineering includes the studies, design and control of the production units and processes of the project owner. These are high added value services for industries in a wide range of sectors (including the food industry, chemicals, metallurgy and aeronautics, etc.).

The design office is involved in the customer's pre-project phase, enabling us to be a driving force behind proposals and to provide relevant technical advice, particularly in the choice of equipment and materials.  Industrial engineering is very important in all aspects and should help to determine the internal and external constraints of the project by collaborating with all the players and partners involved, thereby ensuring the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

The earlier engineering is involved in the project, the greater the gains for the project manager.
Our great mastery of the necessary studies and methods enables us to work to tight deadlines and also to be very efficient in terms of the cost of carrying out the project work. MOSCATELLI thus includes an Engineering Department, based in Vaucluse, which is made up of highly qualified technicians specialised in the fields of boilermaking, piping, mechanics and ventilation. Our engineers are highly competent and able to work within the various constraints and requirements of your project.

With MOSCATELLI, you can be sure that dimensioning, design and manufacturing plans will be performed to the highest standards. Our Engineering Department is based in Sorgues in the Vaucluse and we will be delighted to welcome you there. We mobilise our competent teams to ensure you the best quality of service.
The proximity of the MOSCATELLI design office and the MOSCATELLI workshops in Sorgues enables us to respond quickly to the technical constraints of each project. The satisfaction and loyalty of our customers is the true measure of our constant striving for results.