PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts


Boilermaking is one of the pillars of the industry. It covers all the processes involved in the transformation and manufacture of metal parts from various materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. It is a meticulous activity, which can be found in cutting-edge industries such as food, chemicals or aeronautics, as well as in our daily lives with tanks or cisterns.
In the 14th century, metalworking was entirely manual and the raw material was in the form of sheet metal. The materials worked at that time were zinc, lead, copper and steel.
Today, boilermaking has evolved with mechanisation, and over time it has become increasingly sophisticated.

There are two types of boilermaking:

  • Small boilermaking: such as radiators, household appliances or boilers.

  • Large industrial boilermaking: such as manufacture of storage tanks, aeronautical parts or receptacles.

There are 5 methodological steps used in both small boiler making and industrial boiler making:


  • Plotting: this consists of drawing parts on the flat material and then cutting them out using 2D and 3D automated machines.

  • Shrinking: at this stage, the metal is worked by hammering which causes the metal to bend. With the use of a bending machine, the number of folds can be limited. When the desired result is obtained, the metal is flattened.

  • Stamping: in this technique, the metal is worked with a hammer or a mallet so as to form a hollow.

  • Flattening: the purpose of this operation is to harden the metal by work-hardening, to solidify and polish it.

  • Shaping: during this last stage, the elements previously worked on are assembled either mechanically or by welding.

At Moscatelli the art of boilermaking lives on in the work of our highly skilled craftsmen. We assist and guide you throughout your project in order to meet your expectations. We know the requirements of the boilermaking industry and we can offer you a tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements. 
Thanks to the qualifications and know-how of our teams, we are able to carry out large-scale projects. For each service, we demonstrate professionalism but also flexibility. Thanks to our highly-skilled professionals, we are able to carry out all your boilermaking projects.