PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts


The RT 2012 (thermal regulations) place great importance on ventilation. Highly efficient systems nowadays make it possible to ensure good air quality while controlling energy costs related to heating or cooling a site.

Good ventilation focuses on the treatment and conditioning of air for the health and safety of workers in the building industry. In all types of ventilation, the operating principle remains the same, but the systems themselves are adapted to the needs of each structure and each requirement.

Air distribution ducts, ventilation ducts, pipes or tubes are conduits that allow air to circulate from one point to another. A ventilation duct then allows the circulation of fresh air inside the building and the evacuation of the so-called 'polluted' air to the outside, in order to create air renewal.

There are various different types of ducts or rigid conduits, listed below:

  • Galvanised steel duct or conduit,
  • Flexible aluminium duct or conduit,
  • Semi-rigid aluminium sheath or duct.


MOSCATELLI offers a wide range of technical ducts, each with specific characteristics and adapted to different uses. Assessments and design are conducted by our Engineering Department in the Vaucluse, prior to the project, in order to define with you the specific nature of your requirements.

The need to ventilate a space is usually due to the following reasons: 

  • To renew the ambient air, to clean it, to remove dust.
  • Ensuring the air conditioning (heating or cooling) of the room.
  • Regulating the hygrometry rate (humidity).
  • Managing the atmospheric pressure of an enclosed space (overpressure or underpressure).
  • Controlling the concentration of CO2 and various indoor pollutants.

The quality of the ducts is a determining factor in the performance of a ventilation system. Indeed, it is the quality of the ducts that determines the level of thermal and acoustic insulation of the entire ventilation system.

MOSCATELLI is an expert in the field of ventilation and fully masters the installation and maintenance of ventilation and air treatment equipment.  We offer you a global service offer from advice to maintenance, including the installation of your ventilation system. Our technicians will help you choose a high-performance ventilation solution and meet the needs of your ventilation project.
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