PipingMoscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts
Moscatelli support you in the design and studie of your industrial parts


The main mission of the pharmaceutical industry is to develop effective and reliable medicines. This includes research, development and precision production processes, in accordance with strict safety and quality rules.

Once the development process has been finalised and all the necessary tests have been carried out, the pharmaceutical industry's laboratories are able to start distributing the medicines. The aim of each drug created is to contribute to the health of populations. Downstream, the laboratories must also monitor the development of each drug on the market via what is known as pharmaco-vigilance.

An essential sector of activity in France, the pharmaceutical industry brings together over 300 companies across the country. Among these companies, the majority are pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies.

The pharmaceutical sector is an industry with fewer players than the other market-based industries. Its development nevertheless continues thanks to the creation of biotechnology companies (mentioned above), but also thanks to the progress of research, approaches and techniques in the field.

As far as the organisation of the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, it breaks down into several distinct branches, each with a well-defined role.

The first player in the pharmaceutical industry is the production sector. It is the best known and is at the origin of the production of medicines but also of tablets, medical devices, ointments or even sterile ampoules for injection. 

One of the other big jobs in the pharmaceutical industry is R&D (research and development). This branch is fundamental to the pharmaceutical industry, it is at the origin of tomorrow's remedies. Research consists of finding new molecules for medicines, while development consists of adapting the manufacture of medicines to industrial production.

Finally, the last two branches of the pharmaceutical industry are marketing and regulatory affairs. Marketing will define a strategy for each drug in order to present and promote it to health players such as doctors and pharmacists. 

Regulatory affairs ensures that the production of medicines is linked to the various legal obligations in force in each of the countries where the medicine can be marketed. This sector requires a perfect knowledge of the Public Health Code as regards distribution in France.

Founded in 1971, the Moscatelli company has been manufacturing machines, tools and metallurgical equipment for over 50 years. With a wealth of experience and precision know-how, we collaborate with many companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, we offer you our wide range of skills in each of our trades: corrugation, piping, mechanics, ventilation...
In addition to the manufacture of various devices, Moscatelli is also at your disposal for the maintenance and overhaul of your machines. Our skilled technicians carry out precise work, in a wide range of contexts, in order to provide you with a quality service that meets your expectations.

We also make it a point of honour to carry out work that complies with the strictest safety criteria so that you have a reliable and durable finished product.

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